bronine Sony NP-BJ1 Camera Battery Charging Kit


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bronine VOLKIT, NP-BJ1 Camera Battery Charging Kit for Sony

  • Sony, NP, BJ1, DSC, RX, RX0, RX0G, RX0M2, RX0M2G
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry around. VOLKIT Hub charger is only 150g which allows you to carry it around anywhere.
  • VOLKIT hub charger simultaneously charges 4 different batteries of your choice. LCD screen allows you to monitor the charging process.
  • VOLKIT hub charger prevents overcharging, overvoltage, overheating, short circuit. Guaranteed with CE, RoHS, FCC certifications.
  • 30% faster than original charger. VOLKIT Hub Charger reduces battery charging time and saves your time.