bronine Fujifilm NP-W235 Camera Battery Charging Kit


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bronine VOLKIT, NP-W235 Camera Battery Charging Kit for Fujiflim

  • Supported devices : [Fujifilm] GFX, GFX 100S, X-T, X-T4, Battery Grip, VG-XT4

  • VOLKIT Battery Kit for all cameras and drones. Charge unique shooting equipment with 32 types of battery kits.

  • Use with the VOLKIT Camera Hub Charger. Up to four devices simultaneously. Just connect to the battery kit. Supports eight brands and 200 or more models.

  • Maximized portability. VOLKIT camera kits have built-in magnets for easy attachment.

  • New charging experience with easy magnetic connection.

  • VOLKIT Camera Hub Charger and Batteries are not included. Purchase VOLKIT Camera Hub Charger.